Esteban Camacho
Realistic Libertarian
Party: Libertarian
Philosophy: Libertarian aims to provide readers with transparent information in public policy subjects while “Using Bias to Fight Bias.” In the modern digital age, information is largely consumed through online media and social media headline-based content, which often paints a one-sided picture of public policy concerns. At Adversis, we believe there is a better way to deliver useful content that no longer bears yellow journalism designs and instead includes transparent headlines and clear author intent.

Adversis aims to solve the partisan and one-sided political news information by giving the reader the perspective of the writer before the article begins, while using biased information in an unbiased manner. The design seems quite contradictory, but the use of ideology transparency per author will communicate clear intent about their perspective, allowing the reader to understand the position of the author, leading to a more educated public and more open-minded discussion about the important issues we face every day. In a way, we are pushing the use of ideological bias to create a more balanced, less biased public; in other words: “Using Bias to Fight Bias.”

To this end, we have incorporated several aspects of online communication. First, our Adverticles will provide our audience with at least two clearly biased perspectives of public policy, which allow the reader to come to their own educated conclusion. Second, our AdChronicles will function as a more open platform for contributors of all types to voice their concerns. With these AdChronicles, the reader will be able to see ideological bias before the entry is read, just like our AdVerticles, and just like the entirety of our website design. Furthermore, contributors who disagree with the opinion of the entry will have a chance to respond, with the response being linked transparently at the top of the entry to encourage additional education of the diverse perspectives that make up our society. Third, coming soon, we will incorporate forums to continue respectful, fruitful discussion. While forums of a political nature are difficult by design, we know it is important to allow the readers to have a method of consistent communication that allows further education and perspective balancing in a respectful way.

We have much more planned for the future of Adversis to better impact modern media consumption in a transparent, more balanced manner. It is my hope that Adversis will inform you in a way that creates new discussion, encourages learning, fosters public participation, and changes the current media paradigm to eliminate suggestive headlines and stories that push the reader to a desired conclusion instead of providing education.

These designs are all to reach our mission, vision, and goal:

  • Mission: To create a community in which people can discuss conflicting ideas in order to accelerate mutual understanding and drive cooperation in public policy.
  • Vision: To become Earth's most trusted and balanced source of public policy information and discussion.
  • Goal: To reduce political polarization in the United States.

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Esteban G. Camacho


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